Sedin Russia 1L532


€80,000 (EUR)

€80,000 (EUR) | £68,868.56 (GBP) | ¥10,284,408 (JPY) | ₹6,934,978.80 (INR)

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ManufacturerSedin Russia
Stock NumberMA0453
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons2800
Table diameter2800 mm
Swing3150 mm
Max. workpiece height1600 mm
Max table loading16 tons
Max. ram travel1200 mm
Max. horizontal travel of carriage1720 mm
Carriage inclination angle30 dgr
Carriage feeds number16
Carriages feeds range0.09 - 16 mm/rev
Feeds of traversal beam360 mm/min
Max. distance between ram's axis360 mm
Distance between table and ram0 - 1780 mm
Distance between table and lower surface of traversal beam400 - 1640 mm
Revolution speeds number18
Table speeds1.25-63 rpm
Main engine power55 kW
Dimensions5485 x 6120 x 4910 mm
Total weight41420 kg.