Reduce Forging Roll

Reduce Forging Roll

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Reduce Forging Roll and Manipulator

Features of the Forging roll main unit

· Unique gear transmission mechanism is intended for compactification of the main unit.

· Oil bath in the main unit secures complete lubrication of the drive system.

· Full automatic centralized circulating lubrication system provided for metal components eliminates unnecessary concern about maintenance.

Make : Manyo,

Model : FR460A,

Inner Segment Outer Diameter : 460 mm,

Inner Segment Effective Width : 530 mm

Inner Roll Shaft Diameter : 280 mm

Outer Segment Diameter : 460 mm

Outer Segment Effective Width :210 mm

Outer Roll Shaft Diameter : 240 mm

Max. size of billet dia : 75 mm,

Roll RPM : 60

Clutch & Brake :Air Friction Disc

Machine Weight : 9500 kgs.

Features of the Auto Manipulator :

· Lateral movement pitch stroke allows highly precise moving and stopping at a high speed.

· It has a high-level stopping accuracy with a pitch of ±0.1 mm.

· Comprehensive high rigidity guarantees uniform accuracy of roll-forged products. It also maintains excellent accuracy in long products.

Manipulator :

Make : Manyo,

Stroke : 600 mm,

Pitch : 70 - 130 mm,

Cycle Time : 60 SPM,

Machine weight : 5500 kgs.


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