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ManufacturerRyazan Russia
Stock NumberMA1237
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons30


Max loading: 30 tons,

Loading moment: 60 tcm,

Max circle diameter of tongs turning through:2200 mm,

Max opening of tongs:1000 mm,

Max distance between arm axes and rail: 900 mm,

Angle of side turn of arm: 3degree 30minute,

Inclination angle of arm: 7degree10minute

Distance between gripping jaw end face and running wheel axes:3445 mm,

Speed of tongs rotation:6.1 revolution/minute,

Adjusting speed of manipulator moving:0-35m/minute,

Vertical moving speed of arm:5/minute,

Dimension (LR x FB x H): 7000 x 12100 x 4740 mm.

Weight: 172300 kg.