Press Knuckle Joint Coining KB400


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ManufacturerSchuler German
Stock NumberMA1739
Item conditionUnder power
Capacity tons400


Double-sided Knuckle Joint Extrusion Press

Max. rated capacity :4000 kN,          

Opening between uprights (width):400 mm

Bed area (width x depth): 630 x 700 mm

Slide area (width x depth):630 x 630 mm,

Slide stroke: 250 mm,

Distance between bolster and slide, slide down,

Slide adjustment up: 800 mm,

Thickness of bolster: 125 mm,

Daylight : 1168.4 mm,

Base: 898.5 mm,

Bolster (width x depth) : 630 x 700 mm,

Slide adjustment : 15 mm,

Number of strokes:10-60/min,

Main Motor : 115 kw/ 2035 rpm,

Slide adjustment: (Motor) : 1.5 kw / 1800 rpm,

Ejector in bed:

Ejector stroke : 90 mm,

Ejector force: 250 kN,

Height above floor: 5500 mm,

Height below floor.: 160 mm,

Weight.: 70,000 lbs,      

Complete with:

            • Fully automatic central oil lubrication system

            • Hydro-pheumatically controlled ejector, to eject

                        pressed parts from lower die during work cycle.

            • Overload safety device

            • Manual, Drawings, Installation guide

            • Spare Parts

            • Programmable controller

            • Dreher linear transfer unit

            • Dust Collector

Manuals available.