Press Trimming K04150242 / KB2542


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ManufacturerAbe Seiki,Japan
ModelK04150242 / KB2542
Stock NumberMA1753
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons1600


Capacity: 1600 tons,

Slider stroke: 400 mm,

Unattainable-course: 12 mm,

Number of courses of a slider per minute: 16,

Number of single turn-on: 12,

Shut height: 870 mm,

Adjustment: 220 mm,

Under-forginig plate:

-From left to right: 1600 mm,

-From front to rear: 1600 mm,

-Thickness: 650 mm,

Slider dimensions: 1600×1600 mm,

Aperture in a table: 1000×1000 mm,

Window dimensions in cheeks: 1650×1650 mm,

Course of a rigid pusher in a slider: 100 mm,

Force of a rigid pusher in a slider ton-force: 80,

Main electric motor power: 110 kW,

Course of pneumatic pillow: 160 mm,

Force of pushing out of a pneumatic pillow ton-force: 71,

Hydropneumatic pillow:

-Working course: 250 mm,

-Force of pushing out ton-force: 25,

-Force of a clip ton-force: 250,

Press overall dimensions: 4670 x 4670 x 8110 mm,

Press weight: 140 tons.