Press Knuckle Joint Coining KB8340


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ManufacturerBarnaul Russia
Stock NumberMA1876
Item conditionFull overhaul / modernization of the press
Capacity tons1000


Capacity : 1000 tons,

Slide stroke : 170 mm,

Strokes per 1 min : 32,

Table size : 800 x 800 mm,

Slider dimensions (FB) : 630 mm,

Shut height : 470 mm,

Bolster plate-to-ram adjustable stroke : 16,

Overall dimensions : 2950 x 1950 x 4090 mm,

Weight : 26 tons.

Fully completed by mechanical parts, brand new pneumatic and lubrication systems.

Additionally we will install of full brand new modern electric system with PLC.

Safety system, operator protection system, overload protection,

main motor speed control, counter for ram press position, HMI.

System based on the DELTA (Taiwan) PLC