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Stock NumberMA1896
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons2500


Capacity : 2500 tons,

Ram stroke : 304.8 mm,

Number of continuous strokes per min : 58

Shut height (ram down, table up) : 990.6 mm,

Table adjustment : 12.7 mm

Table dimensions FB x LR : 1168 x 1320 mm,

Ram dimensions FB x LR : 1,067 x 1,067 mm,

Main motor power x rpm : 150 x 1200 HP

Press layout dimensions FB x LR : 4,216 x 3,581 mm,

Height above floor level : 5,639 mm,

Press weight kg : 140 tons.

The press was completely rebuilt in 2017.

Design features of the press:

Solid casting frame design.

Proven simple design of the table adjustment (currently remove, due to using hydraulic clamps of bolster).

Ram design with thrust bushing for better load distribution.

Mechanical upper and lower ejector.

Bolster included in the price.