Press Friction screw SMS Hasenclever


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ManufacturerSMS Hasenclever
Stock NumberMA1941
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons2000


Capacity : 2000 tons,

Diameter of screw: 400 mm,

Max power: 25 MN,

Max work: 400kJ,

Inside width: 1180 mm,

Bed of the press(W x D) : 1120 x 1250 mm

Ram mounting face (W x D): 1120 x 1250 mm,

Stroke: 450 mm,

Min clear height: 1020 mm,

Max number if strokes: Whole Stroke: 20/min. Half Stroke: 28/min,

Air pressure: 5 bar (74 psi),

Machine weight: 99 tons.