Lathe Vertical Turning CNC Toshulin SKA2500



ManufacturerAbe Seiki,Japan
Stock NumberMA2066
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons2900


C Axis + Driven Tools, 2 Pallet System

Chuck diameter : 2500 mm,

Maximum turning diameter : 2900 mm,

Maximum height of the workpiece : 2540 mm,

Maximum weight of the work piece : 25 tons,

Direct course of the ram : 1500 mm,

Main motor power : 80 Kw,

Power driven tools : 22/28 Kw.

CNC Siemens 840D.

- Increase of the column in 500 mm. and increase in travel long grass at 1,500 mm. (includes mobile tool magazine)

- Frontal chip extractor with articulated band with right outlet

- Pallet exchanger system located to the left of the machine (Includes 2 4-jaw chucks diam. 2,500 mm with automatic clamping)

- Grinding-diamond system of the stone, controlled by CNC - KNOLL System – Filter - Pressure of 50 Bars. in adjustable refrigeration equipment

- Capture rulers in the X, Z axes (0.01 mm/m), including linear rulers - Increase in main motor power to 80 kW.

- Renishaw part measurement system

- Renishaw active tool control

- Portable electronic steering wheel for remote control of the plate and the advances - Automatic door opening