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Stock NumberMA2339
Item conditionGood working condition, under power
Capacity tons1600


7-1/2" National High Duty Auto Tong Feed Upsetter

Dia : 190 mm,

Capacity : 1600 tons,

Grip Open : 241 mm,

Stroke : 559 mm,

Stroke per minutes: 20,

Grip tons : 800 tons,

Gather : 280 mm,

Hold : 170 mm,

Die space length : 700 mm,

Die space height : 900 mm,

Thickness of each die : 308 mm,

Main motor power : 149 kW,

Machine length : 7100 mm,

Machine width : 5300 mm,

Distance face of wedge to face plate heading slide forward : 1600 mm,

Net weight : 196.4 tons

Crank pin diameter of main shaft : 580 mm.

This is an Auto Tong-Feed System equipped with automatically-operating mechanical tongs. An ATF machine will take the place of two to four hand feed machines on the same job. Featuring fully automatic feeding and transferring through the dies, these high-output, labor-saving forging machines fit ideally into the modern automation concept.

Heated blanks are delivered to the machine magazine and then injected into the various die stations. As the heading ram recedes on each stroke, mechanical tongs carry the forging blanks downward from die to die until a finished forging drops from the machine.