Lathe Vertical Turning CNC Sedin


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Stock NumberMA2587
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons2500


Table plate  diameter : 2260 mm,

Table disc revolutions : 100 rpm,

Largest processing diameter : 2500 mm,

Greatest height of the processed detail : 1600 mm,

The largest mass of the processed detail for revolutions 1-25 rpm : 10 tons,

The largest mass of the processed detail for rotations of 30-100 rpm : 5 tons,

Number of vertical supports : 2 (left/right)

Upper horizontal slider travel : 1495 mm,

Vertical travel of the upper slider : 1165 mm,

Beam travel : 1320 mm,

Main drive engine power : 55 kW,

CNC Pronumi 630T control

A machine tool intended for machining objects, most often with the surface of rotary solids (shafts, cones, spheres, internal and external threads). The machining tools are most often a lathe cutter, a drill or threading tools.