Press Cold Forging Aida CF1-63


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Stock NumberMA2640
Item conditionGood condition
Capacity tons630


Capacity : 630 tons,

Stroke : 400 mm,

Stroke per minutes : 15-25,

Press Size (width x height) : 2500 x 6500 mm,

Die Height : 800 mm,

Slide Dimensions (Front to Back) : 1050 mm,

Slide Dimensions (Left to Right) : 800 mm,

Bolster Dimensions (Left to Right) : 800 mm, 

Bolster Dimensions (Front to Back) : 1050 mm,

Thickness : 150 mm,

Slide Adjustment Length : 50 mm,

Slide KO: Air-Oil Timing,

Main motor : 90 kW/DC

Press Weight : Approximately 80 tons.

Auxiliary Equipment Specifications

Material Supply Device:

Manufacturer: Yoshinobu Industry

Installation Date: 1990

QDC (Quick Die Change Device):

Die Set Changer

Die Set (1 Upper Unit/2 Lower Units)

Manufacturer: AIDA

Installation Date: 1983

Exit Discharge Device:

Manufacturer: AIDA

Installation Date: 1983

Dust Collector:

Manufacturer: Showa Electric


Indoor, Duct Included

Installation Date: 1998

Current Monitoring Device:


In-House Production

Current and temperature monitoring for each part

Outdoor, Duct Included

Installation Date: 2003

Jib Crane:

Manufacturer : Zorijushi

Load Capacity: 250kg

Arm Length – approximately 2.7M

o Installation Date: 2016 

Additional Features

Control Panel: Location: Installed on the second floor

Automation Details : Feed, clamp, and liŌ mechanisms included

Underground Pit : Available: Yes (1 hydraulic units)