Press Forging Open Die Hydraulic NP130



ManufacturerAbe Seiki,Japan
Stock NumberMA0151
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons30000


Capacity : 30000 tons,

Used in melting shop to get stamped slabs with dimensions (mm): H x 1070 x 1600, H x 870h1600, H x 650 x 1500 from cylindrical shape work piece. Workpiece material-titanium alloys. grades VT1-0, ot4, ot4-0, ot4-1, etc. Hydraulic Forging press NP-130 is equipped with working in aqueous emulsion or chemically treated water hydraulic drives crosshead and sliding table and working on the mineral oil hydraulic control system shut-off and regulating and shut-off valves and valve elements regulated ballasts, are included in the portion of the hydraulic press, which works on water emulsion or water.

Max. working force of the drivers of moving cross beam and table : 32 MPa,

Nominal press force with central loading : 24500 tons,

Entire cross beam stroke : 800 mm,

Working stroke of cross beam with slab forging : 450 mm,

Table : 1700 x 1100 mm,

Table stroke : 3500 mm,

Max. table speed : 300 mm/sec,

Number of hydraulic cylinder : 4,

The diameter of the piston of the working cylinder : 1890 mm,

The diameter of the rod of the working cylinder : 1000 mm,

Housing strike of the working cylinder : 800 mm,

Number of lifting cylinders : 4,

The diameter of the plunger of the lifting cylinder : 500 mm,

Stroke of plunger of lifting cylinder : 800 mm,

Balancing cylinders are missing,

Weight : 1200 tons.