Press Sheet Stamping Hydraulic P3847


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ManufacturerRyazan Russia
Stock NumberMA0194
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons1600


Hydraulic plate metal forming single action press 

Nominal force: 

 -1st stage: 16000 kN,

 -2nd stage: 31500 kN,

 -3rd stage: 50000 kN,

Slide stroke: 1100 mm,

Slide speed:  

 -Idle down stroke: 150 mm/s,

 -Working stroke at 1 stage of force: 25,6 mm/s,

 -Working stroke at 2 stage of force: 12,8 mm/s,

 -Working stroke at 3 stage of force: 8,5 mm/s,

 -Return stroke: 100 mm/s,

Max distance between table and slide (daylinght): 2300 mm,

Table dimensions:

 -Left-to-right: 3500 mm,

 -Front-to-back: 2800 mm,

Table stroke: 2850 mm,

Table speed: mm/s,

 -Out of press: 270 mm/s,

 -Into press: 270 mm/s,

Max tolerable at 3 stage of force:

 -Left-to-right: 200 mm,

 -Front-to-back: 100 mm,

Nominal pressure of working fluid: 15 MPa,

Overall press dimensions:

 -Left-to-right: 11600 mm,

 -Front-to-back: 16000 mm,

Height above floor level: 8640 mm,

Total power of electric motors: 425 kW,

Press weight: 800 ton.