Press Sheet Stamping Mechanical Double Action PKNVT VI 800.1/3150 FS


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ManufacturerWMW Erfurt,Germany
ModelPKNVT VI 800.1/3150 FS
Stock NumberMA0404
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons800


Mechanical Crank Press, Double Action

Capacity : 800 tons,

Capacity of inside ram : 5000 kN

Capacity of outside ram : 3150 kN

Ram stroke of inside ram: 800 mm,

Ram stroke of outside ram: 630 mm,

Ram stroke in Min.: 16,

Shuth height of inside ram: 1560 mm,

Shuth height of outside ram: 1390 mm,

Distance between uprights: 3150,

Bed: 2743 x 1830 mm,

Inside ram: 2286 x 1370 mm,

Outside ram: 2743 x 1830 mm,

Windows in bed: 2500 x 1600 mm,

Main motor: 160 kW,

With moving bolster.