Gear Grinder Hofler



Stock NumberMA0431
Item conditionexcellent working condition
Capacity tons0


Hydroulic Static control Table,

Hydraulic control Static Head,


Tabla Diameter: 1000 mm,

Max. wheel diameter : 1500 mm,

Gear width : 520 mm,

Max. module : 25,

Min. module : 2,

Total power requirement : 70 kW,

Weight of the machine ca. : 24 tons,

Required space : 5,0 x 3,0 x 3,0 m,

The universal Gear Grinder for spur-, helical and pinions gear guarantees high

accuracies by wear-free hydrostatic

storage of grinding slide, workpiece slide and workpiece table.

program control, complete covering, coolant with paperbandfilter, crowning and

correction for tip and root, set of (approx. 90) change gears, 4 grinding

wheel with flanges, oil dust exhauster, CNC dressing device, etc.

without outer steady / tailstock