Press High Speed Blanking SS2-200- 72-48E


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ManufacturerBrown & Boggs
ModelSS2-200- 72-48E
Stock NumberMA0438
Item conditionUnder power
Capacity tons200


Straight Side Twin End, 

Backshaft Driven Mechanical Press

Capacity : 200 tons,

Stroke : 200 mm,

Stroke per minute : 0-125,

Bed area : 1800 x 1200 mm,

Slide area : 1800 x 1200 mm,

Adjustment : 250 mm,

Shut height : 600 mm over bed SDAU,

Windows : 800 mm,

Bolster plate : 150 mm thick T-Slotted.

Equipped With:

Air Clutch and Brake Assembly,

Air Counterbalances,

T-Slotted Ram and Bolster,

Recirculating Lubrication System,

Free Standing Press Control,

Gemco Cam Box,

Gemco PLS Control,

Press Watch Press Monitor,

Dual Ross Valve,

Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts,

Knockouts in Slide,

8 Point Gibbing,


Motors and Controls,

DC Variable Speed Drive and Motor,

Vibration Isolation Levelers.