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Stock NumberMA0516
Item conditionGood condition, Retrofited
Capacity tons65


65 Ton/150 MT Rail bound manipulator

Capacity : 65 tons,

Tongs clamping moment : 1500 kNm,

Tongs openings, without inserts (round) : 300/2000 mm

Max. turning circle of opening tongs : 3048 mm

Min. tongs centre height above rails : 1300 mm

Max. tongs centre height above rails : 2800 mm

Vertical stroke of tongs parallel to floor : 1500 mm

Vertical tilting angle of tongs (down , up) :7°

Horizontal side shift of tongs ±250 mm

Horizontal slew angle of tongs ±7°

Horizontal movements of tongs in forging :

direction, relative to carriage

Centre rail distance : 4200 mm,

Speed, times:

- forging 0-30 m/min

- traveling 0-40 m/min

- turning of tongs 0-12 RPM

- lifting and lowering of tongs, compl. Stroke 90 mm/sec

- clamping of tongs, compl. Stroke 60 mm/sec

Total electrical capacity installed, approx. : 400 kW,

Total delivery of the main pumps 1,000 L/min

Total capacity of accumulator 120 l

Usable capacity of accumulator 50 l

Cooling capacity, with max. water inlet tem 36°C, min. : 160 kW

Travel distance : 20 m,

Weight on rails approx. Mechanic + Hydraulic Approx. : 295 tons.

2017-2018 retrofit, upgrade, new hydraulic,electric system.

Included Supply Part :

65Ton/150MT Rail bound manipulator assembly,

Oil hydraulic control system,

Electric and electronic control system,

Hydraulic piping and fittings,

Manipulator foundation drawing and loading data,

All documentation, drawings and manual,

Auto lubrication system,

Forging press with manipulator integration,

Export packing,

Supervising of commissioning, training (Option),

Rail track with chain,

Cableveyor and cableveyor track.

1985. Retrofit 2018