Hammer Counterblow DGH25


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Stock NumberMA0684
Item conditionGood Condition
Capacity tons25


Capacity : 25 tons,

Energy of blow: 25000 kgs,

Stroke : 1200 mm,

Distance between slides: 1070 mm,

Ram width: 1050 mm,

Ram length: 1500 mm,

Maximal number of strokes per minute: 80,

Average number of strokes per minute: 8,

Weight : 152 tons.

Manuals are available.


We will supply you with extra top and bottom ram for this hammer.

Full Retrofit.

But this hammer was restored to the UK strictly according to the manufacturer's standards. Hydraulic control system is included. A set of new original guides made of special hard steel from Beche is included.

There are two spare rams & two sets of belts & shock absorbers included.

A complete set of technical documentation is available with a hammer. Including a drawing of the foundation, which will facilitate installation in a new location.