Press Hot Forging KP16000


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ManufacturerSMS Eumuco-Meer
Stock NumberMA0786
Item conditionDismantled,Excellent condition,
Capacity tons16000


Drop Forging Press

Capacity : 16000 tons,

Stroke : 600 mm,

Daylight : 2500 mm,

Ram strokes : 25 Hub/min,

Table surface area : 2440 x 3000 mm,

Ram head dimension : 2380 x 2800 mm,

Motor power : 700 KW,

Ejector stroke : 0-90 mm,

Control EPSS :12,

Total power requirement : 1300 kVA,

Weight of the machine ca. : 1750 tons,

Dimensions of the machine ca : 975 x 121 x 14 meter.

The wedge press is a drop forging press with

exceptionally good working accuracy. Your

Characteristics are the extremely high longitudinal stiffness

(Springing) and the high tilting stiffness in all

Directions. The low springing of the press leads

too short pressure contact times.

Wedge presses are due to the large off-center

Resilience and because of the high tilting stiffness

advantageous then used when the forgings

are long and tight thickness and offset tolerances

must be complied with over the entire length.

Typical for this are double connecting rods, truck front axles,

Crankshafts, precision forgings etc.

CNC press safety control EPSS 12.

Documents available.