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ManufacturerNational Kayser
Stock NumberMA0957
Item conditionGood working condition


Positions: 4

Speed: 60 beats per minute,

Maximum wire diameter: 19 mm,

Minimum workpiece length: 40 mm,

Maximum workpiece length: 190 mm,

Maximum thread length: 76 mm,

Dimensions: 6000 x 2870 x 2340 mm,

Motor power : 55 kW,

Weight: 42 tons.

Technical manuals available

Boltmaker cold heading machine designed for the manufacture of bolts, studs and other products from calibrated wire with diameters of 10-19 mm (thread diameters M10-M18). The machine combines the operations of upsetting, chamfering, thread rolling, and one finished product is obtained in one stroke of the slider. In good technical condition.

A reverse ejection system is also available, allowing the production of complex multi-stage products.