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Stock NumberMA0975
Item conditionUnder power
Capacity tons1000


Capacity : 1000 tons,

Stroke : 240 mm,

Stroke per Min. : 60,

Adjust : 15 mm,

Shut Height : 660 mm,

Die Height : 500 mm,

Ram Face : 1000 x 540 mm,

Table : 1600 x 840 mm,

Bottom Knockout : 50 tons,

Main Motor : 75 Kw.

The lever press enables safe “Die-kiss forging” which a crank press does not do well.

Thanks to soft forging utilizing the resilience of the lever, die collision shock is made very unlikely, leading to the prevention of damage to dies and the press.

Resilient soft forging allows the reduction of clearance (engagement allowance) between the upper and lower dies, leading to closed die forging with very sharp corners free from vertical flash and underfill.

Overhauled in 2003.

Technical manuals available.