Hammer Forging Pneumatic MPM3150


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ManufacturerHuta Zygmunt,Polish
Stock NumberMA1031
Item conditionGood working condition
Capacity tons1


Capacity: 1 tons,

Stroke rate: 110 spm,

Total height: 4380 mm,

Energy of blow: 3600 kg.m,

Max. tup stroke: 800 mm,

Weight of anvil: 24 tons,

Guideway spacing: 550 mm,

Weight of falling ram: 1250 Kg,

Height above the floor: 3750 mm,

Average air consumption: 12 m3/mm,

Max. weight of upper die: 400 Kg,

Average steam consumption: 650 kg/h,

Total weight of the hammer: 35 tons.

Length of die steam in the tup: 500 mm,

Steam or incoming air pressure: 5-7 Kg/cm2,

Length of die steam in the cushion: 700 mm,

Min.height of the die (without doveta): 220 mm.