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Stock NumberMA1194
Item conditionGood working condition
Capacity tons6300


Capacity : 6300 tons,


• 2000 ton trimming Press;

• wheel rolling mill;

• conveyers with rolls

With water under pressure 200 and 400 bar. It has one single forging point having a stroke of 900 mm. The press consists of following subunits:

- Main hydraulic cylinder with dia. of shaft 1420mm and height 4050 mm,

- 4 guidance columns with dia. 534mm each and height 10400mm having distance between columns of 2400mm on one direction and 2600mm on other direction,

-2 lifting hydraulic cylinder with dia. of shaft 340 mm and height 1478 mm,

- 2 hydraulic cylinder for balancing with shaft dia. 280mm and height 1478 mm,

- Upper table,

- Lower table with linear movement.

- Hydraulic installation.