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Stock NumberMA1199
Item conditionGood working condition
Capacity tons230


This series was developed for forming bearing rings.

The twin ram structure and No1 process are separated.

After cutting the material, the upset is conveyed to the No 2 process using a thrust up pusher, allowing for simultaneous production of inner and outer bearings.

Furthermore, its DRT structure allows for the simultaneous production of inner, outer, and middle rings.


No 1 Open upset → No 2 Forming → No 3 Separation of inner and outer ring → No 4 Piercing inner ring.

No 1 Open upset → No 2 Forming → No 3 Piercing → No 4 Separation of inner, outer, and middle ring (DRT mechanism)

No 1 Open upset → No 2 Forming→ No 3 Piercing

No 1 Open upset → No 2 Pre-forming → No 3 Forming → No 4 Piercing

Inner and outer bearing races can be forged and separated simultaneously from bar stock in full automatic operation.

Complex forgings such as gear blanks can also be forged.

Forge tonnage rating: 230 tons,

Max part OD: 64 mm,

Min-Max blank height: 12 - 30 mm,

Bar Diameter: 25 - 40 mm,

Cutting length: 20 - 70 mm,

Forming Stations: 4,

Production rate: Up to 90 per minute,

Die inter-center crank pin dia: 240 mm,

Crank pin diameter: 360 mm,

Ram stroke: 80 mm,

Ram Stroke: 240 mm,

Ejector stroke: 40 mm,

PKO: 20 mm,

Main motor power: 75 Kw,

Machine weight: 60 tons.

Inspection in running condition possible.